Saturday, November 10, 2007

What day is Thankgiving this year?

Don't get me started on my secretary. Yesterday at my law firm the following conversation took place between my secretary and an associate friend of mine. (The names have been changed to protect identifies.) It's important to note that my secretary is in her forties and has lived in the U.S. her whole life.

* * * * * *

CHARLIE: The day after Thanksgiving is the only day I’m off work that my wife isn’t, she works for the courts and they’re not closed the day after Thanksgiving.

LAURIE: Well that won't affect you this year; it’s on Friday.

CHARLIE (confused): What’s on Friday?

LAURIE: Thanksgiving.

CHARLIE: Uh ... no, it’s Thursday. It’s always Thursday.

LAURIE: No, I’m pretty sure it falls on Friday this year.

CHARLIE: Noooo … it’s always Thursday, the fourth Thursday in November.

LAURIE: Let me look at the calendar. (Looks over calendar for a few seconds.) O wait, no it’s on Sunday.

At this point Charlie’s barely able to keep from cracking up. Another secretary interjects:

JEAN: No, Charlie’s right. It’s always on Thursday.

LAURIE: Well all I know is I’m going to somebody’s house to eat a lot of food, whatever day it is.

* * * * * *

Scary stuff, my friends, scary stuff. Don't get me started.

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BCM said...

UPDATE: Found out today that "Laurie" also thinks Halloween falls on a Wednesday every year. I can't wait to find out when she thinks the Fourth of July is.