Monday, November 12, 2007

The Sum of All Douchebags

Last night Brian and I found ourselves back at Croxley Ales (there's a surprise) to watch some football. I don't know what it is about a lot of the people that watch football in bars on Sunday afternoons, but it definitely seems like many of them fall into the "douchebag" category. For instance, there was this small group of guys who were clearly Giants fans based on one of their NY Giants hoodies who was just a moron. I mean the guy was all over the place and extremely intoxicated. He kept running back and forth between the table section and the bar, and even though the bar was relatively empty, he felt the need to sit right next to me and keep bumping into me. He would order a Paulaner which comes in an enormous glass, drink 2/3 of it and have the bartender pour the rest out and then he would order another one. Why order a beer that comes in such a large glass if you're not going to finish it?!!? His douchebag partners in crime weren't much better. The sum of all douchebags is clearly ZERO! Don't get me started!

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BCM said...

So who takes the prize for the weekend? Was it the Giants fan guy (and generally I find Jets fans much more obnoxious than Giants fans, by the way) or was it the guy who complained to the bartender that his table wasn't ready? Apparently this guy thought that because he spent a lot of money at the bar he should get a table as soon as he wants one. The bartender had asked him if everything was alright and he responded with a "NO!" that sounded like the guy had gargled with asphalt. Horrible voice, flattop haircut ... don't get me started.