Monday, November 5, 2007

Only 2 buy-backs? What gives?!?!

Don't get me wrong...I love my regular bar, Croxley Ales in Rockville Centre, but after watching an entire football game at the bar last night with my friend Brian, we almost fell off our stools when we got the check. 10 Beers between the two of us, plus wings, chicken pot pie (see picture-yummy), and shepherd's pie, and only 2 free beers! They always tell us that they can't do much when it's slow, but last night it was PACKED for the Colts-Pats game. We figured they'd pick up at least 4 beers. Our highest tab yet!! What gives?? Don't get me started!!

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BCM said...

Actually, I think we bought 11 beers. I should also point out that we have been regular customers for years (5 in my case, about 10 in Matt's) and that we liberally tip the bartenders in this place even when we DON'T get buybacks. When we do, we are especially generous, sometimes leaving as much as 25-30%. I understand a buy-back is a gratuity and not something they HAVE to do, but so is tipping and generous tippers who are regular customers should be rewarded. If the owner's hanging around or something like that, a little warning like, "sorry guys, can't do much for you tonight - we'll get you next time" would be appreciated before ordering more beers and food than we normally do. But don't get me started.