Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How lazy are we?

While I was on my way into work this morning, I was wondering what I could possibly post here today. I got all the way to the elevator of my building when it was handed to me on a silver platter. I show my building ID and then step into the elevator with another gentleman. I press 12, and the other guy presses.....wait for it.......................2!!?!?! I wanted to punch him in the throat, or tell him that I knew why he was 25lbs overweight. Are we that lazy as a nation that we can't walk the one flight of stairs to the second floor when other people are waiting to go to say...the 12th? Come on people! Don't get me started!

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BCM said...

Dude, I've seen people in my building take the elevator DOWN one floor! And they wait for the elevator for this! Another thing I hate is people who just stand still on escalators. Just because the steps are moving doesn't mean you can't be moving also. At least stay to one side so the rest of us can pass your lazy ass.