Sunday, December 2, 2007

Only in Ireland ...

Don't get me started on my friend Mike and his knack for causing drama. I was in Dublin with him and another friend, Jurgen, 2 years ago and while we were walking around the streets a gust of wind blew something in his eye. So all morning everywhere we went he was trying eyedrops, washcups, etc. but couldn't get it out. We got to the Guinness Brewery and started the tour, but half-way through he decided to quit the tour and see if they had a first aid station that could help with the eye. After Jurgen and I finished the tour, we waited for Mike over by the gift shop. Eventually an Irish guy in a Guinness shirt came over to us and asked, "Are you men with Mr. Beaudry?" O man. "Yes, is he alright?" The guy said, "would you follow me please to the first aid station; I'm afraid he needs to go to a hospital." Turns out they were unable to remove whatever had flown in Mike's eye and decided he needed to go to an eye, ear, nose & throat hospital in Dublin. So they led us all through a hallway and out into a courtyard where there was parked a white ambulance with a big GUINNESS logo and gold harp on it. This is too much, right? So we rode through the streets of Dublin in a friggin beer ambulance to this hospital, where fortunately we were not delayed for long. They got the speck out, didn't even charge him ("It's on the State", he was told) and went on our way. Only in Ireland would there be a Guinness ambulance! And only with Mike would I find myself inside it! Dont' get me started.

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